Get the people you need to succeed.
For employers facing tough technical recruiting challenges, Spero is a beacon of hope. We don’t just find candidates; we bring you technical rock stars, professionals who know how to drive results and exceed your business objectives.

How do we do it? While our competition spends all their time looking through job boards, our entire team is busy building our own network of hidden talent.

Here are a few of the ways we keep our promises:

1. Technical expertise
While we’ll never know your business like you do, we take the time to understand every aspect of the technologies in your environment, and partner with you to define the right sourcing, screening and hiring process.

2. Local Labor Expertise
Technical recruiting is all we do. We are fanatical about studying the underlying market trends that affect technical talent in your market, which allows us to provide you with strategic insights that drive your hiring. Our recruiters know how to uncover hidden talent, and give you access to technical professionals our competitors simply don’t have the skill (or stamina) to find.

3. Relentless Networking
Long before you choose Spero as a partner, we’re identifying highly skilled technical professionals. We understand that tapping into hidden talent pools starts with networking, so we spend hours each day calling, emailing, visiting and building relationships with potential candidates you (or our competitors) won’t find on any job board.

4. Finding Hidden Talent
It’s no surprise to us that the best technical professionals have their own network overflowing with other talented technical professionals. We commit ourselves to building relationships and aggressively pursuing these referrals to uncover pockets of talent that would otherwise be impossible to find.

5. Scrupulous Screening
At Spero, we can be downright picky – which is good for you. We will never send you a candidate based on a resume alone. We check performance references from hiring managers. We conduct face-to-face interviews. And we make sure your candidates are qualified – both in terms of tech skills and people skills.

6. On-Boarding
On-boarding a new hire into your team has its challenges. That’s why Spero will be there to help, saving you time and money, and making retention issues almost go away.
We can handle any staffing challenge.

Whether you need an entry level developer or a senior network architect, Spero can help. Here are some of the solutions we offer:



We can help you staff up for projects or peak work seasons, or augment staff, if necessary. Contract Staffing gives you the flexibility to keep your staff at the right level and reduce employee-related costs.



Hiring on a contract-to-hire basis give you the flexibility of contract staffing, but with the ability to hire career-minded professionals. This gives you the opportunity to determine if the consultant is the right fit for a full-time role with your company. Just wait until the contract period is up, then hire them (or not).

Direct Placement


Some roles in your organization require a more thorough search to identify the right person; Spero can do that, too. We free you up from all the responsibilities associated with recruiting and screening candidates, and present you with only the best possible choices


Services / Sow

Here’s another option to help you staff up for projects like application or infrastructure development. Just hire the consultants you need through the completion of a project.
native owned, native operated

Our clients don’t work with us because we’re one of only a handful of Native American owned staffing companies in the country. They work with us because we work hard, work as a team and keep our promises. They work with us because we’re the best.

But if your company can benefit from working with a minority owned business, or is required to do so, Spero meets those requirements and has all the required designations. Here are a few examples of the types of companies and agencies we can help:

  • You have a diversity or minority business spend requirements
  • You're increasing corporate citizenship efforts
  • You're a municipal, state or federal agency
  • you're funded al or in part by public dollars
  • You do business with a government agency