native owned, native operated
Our clients don’t work with us because we’re one of only a handful of Native American owned staffing companies in the country. They work with us because we work hard, work as a team and keep our promises. They work with us because we’re the best.

But if your company can benefit from working with a minority owned business, or is required to do so, Spero meets those requirements and has all the required designations. Here are a few examples of the types of companies and agencies we can help:

  • You have a diversity or minority business spend requirements
  • You're increasing corporate citizenship efforts
  • You're a municipal, state or federal agency
  • you're funded all or in part by public dollars
  • You do business with a government agency

that explains our name and logo.
As part of our founding principles, Spero is about giving back and paying it forward. Native American entrepreneurs make up about 1% of all businesses owned in the U.S. and, of those, only five technical staffing companies can claim to be certified as "Native American Owned". We are committed to being a bright example of Native business entrepreneurship.

This purpose-driven mission carries over into our employees and clients. Our goal is to deliver better candidates to our clients, better opportunities to our candidate and be the standard by which all our competitors are measured. That’s why we chose to call ourselves Spero, which means “hope” in Latin.
Our logo is even more meaningful to us. It was inspired by an ancient Native American icon called “The Man in the Maze,” symbolizing one’s life journey and inviting you to find balance and purpose. This is a journey we respectfully embrace every day – for ourselves, our families and our clients.