Strong links for any part
of your supply chain
The manufacturing industry in the United States produces more goods and services than any economy in the world. So, it’s not surprising that the need for outstanding people, especially those with technical experience and skills, is constant. At Spero™, we understand manufacturing – from increasing production efficiency to designing new products – and have dedicated ourselves to being able to supply the qualified people you need when you need them.
We know people. We know your business.
A Spero, our leadership position in the industry is earned through hard work. We regularly network with our employees to obtain fresh referrals, we know how to engage passive job seekers and we participate in dozens of local, national and trade associates. As a result of these time-consuming activities, we have continual across to the best and brightest candidates and are able to stay on top of industry trends.

Combined with the extensive experience of our team, our unique access to top talent allows us to provide our clients with the technical expertise you need anywhere along your supply chain. Whether you're preparing to implement Six Sigma, lean manufacturing, JIT manufacturing or conduct time studies, we can fill the role - Contract -to - hire or permanent - and keep your project moving forward.
Focus Area


Test Engineers
Project Engineers
Project Managers
Quality Engineers
Chemical Engineers
Materials Engineers
Plastics Engineers
Electrical Engineers
Hardware Engineers
Software Engineers
Process Engineers
Packaging Engineers
Facilities Engineerts
Licensed Engineers
Mechanical Engineers
Operations Managers
Structural / Stress Engineers
Industrial / Manufacturing Engineers

Design and drafting


how do we get there?

The Spero placement process is focuses on you and your needs. We pour time and energy into being your champion behind the scenes through every step of the hiring and on-boarding process.

We’re careful, we’re thorough and we won’t stop until we find you the exact position you’re looking for – the one that fits you like a high-tech glove. Here’s how you get where you want to go:

1. Submit your resume
This is the step that can change your life. Submit your resume or apply for a specific open position. We’ll evaluate your experience and skills, check your references and start thinking about opportunities.

2. Talk over the phone
To help us place you in the best possible position, we need to get to know you. This starts with a simple phone interview.

3. evaluate our opportunities.
Now that we know you, we have a better idea of where you’ll fit in best. Of course, it’s up to you to evaluate the positions we send you and choose which ones you’re most excited about.

4. meet face-to-face.
To help us get to know you better, we will always try to conduct an in-person interview.

5. meet the employer.
Since your potential employer is also our client, we know exactly what they’re looking for in a candidate. Before your interview, we’ll coach you on which of your strengths to highlight.
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