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CAD Tech I


Looking for an Entry level CAD guy can come in, in Fort Worth to allow one of the existing CAD Techs can get a degree and become a designer.  As long as they know 1 of the CAD platforms, heavy MicroStation.  We can work with AutoCAD.  Looking for personality fit.  I don’t know what entry level looks like, 2-year degree and 2 years of experience. 


Perfect candidate:  Has MicroStation, and at least a year in producing plans, worked for another engineering company.  They know how to product the written set of documents were looking for.  I like when a CAD guy has the desire to be a designer/engineer.  Loves the drive.  Genpact – design platform, basic knowledge would be a plus.  Adding notes, arrows to the plans as we got them up to speed.  3 months in we would get them involved in the Civil side of the world, doing the automated piece of Genpact.  3 to 4-year guy, would be interested.


Personality fit:  Need to be able to handle that they’re may be some re-work to do and changes.  He’s always positive and flexible in what he’s asked to do.  Willingness to work after hours/able to meet deadlines.


Communication is important, I need a guy that will speak up if he doesn’t understand what the engineer is saying.   


Learning the plotters/the computer network we have.  They will get a lot of very specific markups, then engineer will give the CAD Technician exactly what they want through text comments.


Current Team:  2 guys in Fort Worth, 2 guys in Dallas, 1 guy in Fort Worth.

Most guys on the team have 15+ years of experience.


Interview Process:  Team interview, Chris and a project manager will do an interview (1 ½ hours), I’ll show them around the office.  Then they will go out to lunch with a CAD Tech (most likely Eric) and an EIT (young engineer) to see if they’re a team fit.  Soft skills are huge.